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Our mission is to make possible obtaining and renewing a Texas Medical Cannabis Business License for those who are passionate about providing high quality, safe medication to patients who qualify under Texas Law.

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With the ever-changing tide of Texas medical marijuana regulations, we can help you stay on top of what is required and provide all the documentation necessary to procure or renew your Texas medical cannabis license.

The Texas Department of Public Safety regulations regarding safety measures taken by medical marijuana businesses are intensive. We can put together the paperwork required by the DPS and even install the physical recording equipment.

The most successful businesses know where they’re going. They have a written plan that includes their vision and mission statements. They have a documented road map and review it periodically to make sure they’re on track.

Getting and keeping great employees doesn’t depend entirely on salary. There are many other attributes that employees look for. Let us help you build an exciting corporate culture that makes it rewarding for your employees to come to work.

Knowing what is on the political front may save your business. Texas medical cannabis regulations change regularly. Having “eyes on the ground” will protect your company from unexpected changes. Let us keep you keep informed.

Strategic planning is often skipped by entrepreneurs gaining entry into a new market. Who wants to write a boring business plan? Prasadana can help by listening to your vision for your new medical cannabis business and forming it into a living document. By defining what your company stands for and its core values you set the stage for your company brand and culture. By creating a business plan you pave the path for realizing your vision. Coming soon.

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