Business Consulting For Texans, By Texans

We envision access to medical canabis for every Texan who qualifies.

Our Philosophy

Gaining mastery of something requires doing that thing repeatedly. Rather than spreading ourselves thin, claiming mastery we do not possess, or creating a high-production, high-profile business for which our clients ultimately pay, we’ve decided to build a different kind of consulting business. We do one thing.

We help those who have dedicated their lives to providing safe, effective medication to patients
procure and renew their Texas medical cannabis licenses.

We conduct our business with integrity, deliver on our promises and always exceed your expectations.



We keep our word. We take full responsibility for making agreements only when we are sure that we can fulfill our part in them. If we fail for any reason, we do whatever it takes to make it right.


We are clear about our values and strive to live and work by them. When confronted by a difficult decision, we will always choose to align with our values. Sometimes it’s not easy but it is always simple: the answer lies in what makes it easy for us to sleep at night.


Compassion is our reason for entering the medical marijuana industry. We appreciate the challenges experienced by patients who are suffering, those lobbying for our right to access, authorities making access possible, and entrepreneurs entering the market.


We listen carefully to your aspirations and goals so that we can personalize our services to meet your unique circumstances. Your business is unlike any other; it is a reflection of who you are. We will work diligently to help you create your business the way you envision it.